Exhibitor Spotlight: Pepe Coronado

The Pyramid Atlantic community is ever-changing. People come, people go. So, it is especially gratifying when someone returns for a visit, as is the case with Pepe Coronado. He was on hand in the days when Pyramid was moving into its Silver Spring facility, and helped to set up the digital lab and screenprinting studios. He was also taught screenprinting at the Corcoran College of Art + Design. We caught up with Pepe to hear about his new work and studio on the outskirts of New York City:

BAF: Tell us about your Dominican printmaking collective.   

Pepe: I founded Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA (DYPG) in 2010 after moving to New York and connecting with the Dominican community. It is a printmaking collective of artists of Dominican descent. DYPG’s mission is to advance the state of contemporary Dominican American arts through a rich and varied collaboration, creating prints using a variety of techniques from the traditional to the latest and most innovative, and to broaden the public’s knowledge of Dominican culture and the Dominican-American experience through exhibitions, lectures, and workshops. DYPG’s artists are: Carlos Almonte, René De Los Santos, Iliana Emilia Garcia, Scherezade Garcia, Alex Guerrero, Luanda Lozano, Miguel Luciano, Yunior Chiqui Mendoza, Reynaldo Garcia Pantaleón, Moses Ros-Suaréz, Rider Ureña and myself.

BAF: We are delighted you will be taking part in our Panel discussion on mobile presses. Can you tell us about your printmaking box? 

Pepe: The Carrito Grafico is an ambulatory cart working the same way of a carrito de frio frio operates (Dominican for snow cone kart). Taking the basic nature of printmaking is the most democratic medium in terms of reaching the public. Making the prints available for free during its active period—when the carrito is out in the streets during its public performances.

I ask artists to carved a linoleum or rubber block, understanding that their work would be printed by the public during the performances. The carrito is active in an unannounced time or place, allowing passers-by to come in contact by chance, making this event an ordinary daily possibility. Whem the carrito is active it is to show that in the Dominican community (upper Manhattan) art can be stimulated or incubated even without a museum or art school nearby. When the Carrito Grafico is in an exhibition it becomes an object of observation alongside documentary posters with selected photos of its performances.

Pepe and his Carrito Grafico



Thank you, Pepe! We look forward to seeing you at the fair.